Supernatural Ghost Tour

Be part of a real life paranormal investigation! Join NIPRA (Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association) on our 90 minute supernatural ghost tour at Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House. One of the oldest sites in Titanic Quarter, you can feel the history and the echoes of the past as you are led 40ft below sea level into the bottom of the immense dry dock. Walk its 900ft length in the silence of night as the guide teaches you the history of the area whilst reaching out to any spirits who roam what was one of the most dangerous parts of the shipyard 100 years ago.

Next you will enter the Pump-House, with its colossal machinery that looms in the shadows as you creep along the walkways in search of unusual activity, surrounded by the creaks and groans of a century old building.

This is no ordinary ghost tour as you will also have access to EMF (electro-magnetic field) meters, which under the supervision of your experienced NIPRA guide, will let you become part of a real investigation.

As you walk the footsteps of thousands of long-gone dock workers, what will you discover?

*This is a real paranormal investigation and not a staged tour. Nothing is rigged.

Need to know

  • Appropriate clothing suitable for the outdoors is essential. Sturdy shoes please.
  • Enjoyment and safety for all is our main priority.
  • Excessive rowdiness or drunkenness may result in removal from the tour.